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Translation of Sworn Complaint , with examples. More about free online translation into Spanish of Demanda o queja bajo juramento and other legal terms is available here .

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What is Sworn Complaint?

Vocabularies (S ypbvvifl. saks moncler bootsemantic Web Information) Resource Description Classification System Principle-based method of organization. Legal Index Detailed list of terms describing the content Ontology A set of types, properties and relationships, using open vocabularies Synonym Ring Retrieval-equivalent group of terms Subject Headings List Alphabetical list with cross-references Taxonomy Hierarchical collection of controlled vocabulary terms Thesaurus A structured controlled vocabulary Topic Map A group of names, occurrences and associations Topic Tree A topic display format, showing the hierarchy Sitemap Index Sitemap Index, including Taxonomies The URI of Sworn Complaint (more about URIs ) Please, suggest a definition or report an error in the box below. Related Legal Terms and Definitions: Sworn Statement Translate Sworn Statement from English to SpanishTranslation of Sworn Statement , with examples. More about free online translation into Spanish of Declaración jurada and other legal terms is available here.Decla...... Noise Complaint Noise complaint: Vocabulary part of speechnoise complaint (noun)Meaning of this part of speecha call to the police to complain of disturbing noise (usually music or a party)noise complaint in an... Duly Sworn Translate Duly Sworn from English to SpanishTranslation of Duly Sworn , with examples. More about free online translation into Spanish of Debidamente juramentado and other legal terms is available here.Debidamente... Sworn Verified. To Make A Solemn Promise; To Vow, Usually Before God....... Sworn Brothers Persons who, by mutual oaths, covenant to share in each other's fortunes. See Sedg. Edw. Conf. c. 35. ...... Complaint Form Complaint Form in Voting Law Definition of Complaint Form in the context of the United States election law: Tool developed by the election administration and made available to stakeholders in... Complaint ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Dictionaries.Civil Procedure. ...... Complaint Against Police Complaint against police in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of complaint against police.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw... Early Complaint Early complaint in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of early complaint.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Enforcement Officer... Recent Complaint Recent complaint in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of recent complaint.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Enforcement Officer... Law is our Passion

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complaint definition

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fake moncler baby snowsuit complain quejarse Dictionary Conjugation Examples complain intransitive verb 1.  (to grumble)   a.  quejarse   Pessimists complain about everything. Los pesimistas se quejan de todo. b.  protestar   Stop complaining and do something! ¡Deja de protestar y haz algo! 2.  (to make a complaint)   a.  reclamar   Clients were continuously complaining to the manager. Los clientes reclamaban continuamente al encargado. b.  presentar una reclamación   You need to complain in writing. Tienes que presentar una reclamación por escrito. c.  elevar una queja   The attorney complained to the judge. El abogado elevó una queja al juez. 3.  (medicine)   a.  quejarse   He complained of back pain. Se quejaba de dolor de espalda. transitive verb 4.  (to grumble about)   a.  quejarse   She complained that nobody ever called her. Se quejó de que nadie la llamaba nunca. Copyright © 2016 Curiosity Media Inc. complain intransitive verb 1.  (general)   a.  quejarse   to complain of estar aquejado(a) de she complained that he had cheated se quejó de que él había hecho trampa I can't complain about the service no tengo queja alguna del servicio how are things? — I can't complain ¿cómo van las cosas? — no me puedo quejar Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited complain [kəmˈpleɪn] intransitive verb 1 (grumble) quejarse; about, of de; to a to complain that quejarse de que; they complained to the neighbours se quejaron a los vecinos; I can't complain yo no me quejo 2 (make a formal complaint) reclamar; about por; to ante we're going to complain to the manager vamos a reclamar al director; you should complain to the police tendrías que denunciarlo a la policía 3 (Med) to complain of quejarse de Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011

Complaint Com`plaint´    Pronunciation: kǒm`plānt´ n. 1. Expression of grief , regret , pain , censure , or resentment ; lamentation ; murmuring ; accusation ; fault-finding . I poured out my complaint before him . - Ps. cxlii. 2. Grievous complaints of you . - Shak. 2. Cause or subject of complaint or murmuring . The poverty of the clergy in England hath been the complaint of all who wish well to the church . - Swift. 3. An ailment or disease of the body . One in a complaint of his bowels . - Arbuthnot. 4. (Law) A formal allegation or charge against a party made or presented to the appropriate court or officer , as for a wrong done or a crime committed ( in the latter case , generally under oath ); an information ; accusation ; the initial bill in proceedings in equity . Noun 1. complaint - an often persistent bodily disorder or disease ; a cause for complaining Synonyms: ailment , ill 2. complaint - ( formerly ) a loud cry ( or repeated cries ) of pain or rage or sorrow 3. complaint - an expression of grievance or resentment 4. complaint - ( civil law ) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based 5. complaint - ( criminal law ) a pleading describing some wrong or offense ; " he was arrested on a charge of larceny " Synonyms: charge

COMPLAINT , crim . law . The allegation made to a proper officer , that some person , whether known or unknown , has been guilty of a designated offence , with an offer to prove the fact , and a request that the offender may be punished .
     2 . To have a legal effect , the complaint must be supported by such evidence as shows that an offence has been committed , and renders it certain or probable that it was committed by the person named or described in the complaint .

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