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Complainant | definition of complainant by Medical dictionary

plaintiff (redirected from complainant )
Also found in: Dictionary , Thesaurus , Legal , Financial , Encyclopedia . plaintiff [plān′tif] Etymology: ME, plaintif, one who complains (in law) a person who files a lawsuit initiating a legal action. The plaintiff complains or sues for remedial relief and names a complainant in various civil actions. In criminal actions the prosecution is the plaintiff, acting in behalf of the people of the jurisdiction. plaintiff Forensic medicine  A person–eg, a Pt, who initiates a civil action to obtain restitution for injury caused by a negligent/allegedly negligent act plaintiff, n an aggrieved party who brings a complaint to the civil court system. plaintiff, n the party who sues in a personal legal action and who is so designated on the record.

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Facebook Twitter Feedback My bookmarks ? Please log in or register to use bookmarks. You can also log in with Facebook Twitter Google+ Yahoo +  Add current page to bookmarks TheFreeDictionary presents: Write what you mean clearly and correctly. References in periodicals archive ? It is also troubling that the summary conviction appeal court overturned the conviction in this case on the basis that the accused was not in a position of authority and that, while there may have been a position of trust, the trial judge failed to go on and consider whether that position of trust led the complainant to agree to the sexual activity. A situational approach to incapacity and mental disability in sexual assault law The defendant relied on People v Craig, in which the defendant, a hospital security guard, touched the complainant while removing a camera from her hand because the hospital had a no-camera policy. Conduct that qualifies as insulting or provoking contact defined The Policy requires a complainant to prove both registration and use in bad faith. English Premier League clubs win important 'cyber squatting' case A registration may also be deemed to be abusive where circumstances indicate that the registrant is using, or has registered, the domain name in a way that leads people or businesses to believe that the domain name is registered to, operated or authorised by, or otherwise connected with the complainant (reg. .za alternative dispute resolution regulations: the first few SAIIPL decisions: Lex Informatica Conference, 21st-23rd May 2008 Pretoria, South Africa However, it offered to clarify that the complainant denied ever having purported to be a recently retired Royal Navy officer. Press Complaints Commission: Adjudication If one assumes that complainants with mental disabilities are not "smart enough" to fabricate evidence of sexual assault--the idea being that children do not lie and neither do women with the mental age of a child--the complainant can be perceived as more believable. Hearing the sexual assault complaints of women with mental disabilities: evidentiary and procedural issues Duran told Today's Zaman that the testimonies of the 12 complainants that were made at prosecutor's office are very similar even with regards to their spelling errors. Testimonies raise suspicions over legality of TahE-iye indictment The complainant told the interviewing officer: "He was saying how much I had helped him get through his illness. 'My boyfriend turned out to be my female pal' She also asked for, and was given, the full name of the complainant . Call for probe into handling of complaint about special adviser The complainant in his statement said that in Decem-Kumar sent to police custody till September 11 AAP's Kondli MLA Manoj Kumar AAP MLA arrested in land fraud case Griffiths denied knowing Cooke - or any of the other defendants - and said he did not know the complainant , who he said could be making the claims for financial gain. Abuse trial defendant: I'm falsely accused again; 76-YEAR-OLD SAYS 1999 CONVICTION WAS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE 04 million by concealment of duty free/sales tax free import of input materials by the Complainant Company was under post-refund audit with the Directorate General of IR Audit under instruction of the FBR, there was n vdyfvvhu. moncler t shirt mens ebayo justification for allowing withdrawal of this complaint at this stage. FTO recommends FBR to direct DGIR Audit to expedite post-refund audit Medical browser ? ▲ compensatory technique competence competence framework competencies competency competency-based training competent competent authority competent community Competent to Stand Criminal Trial competing risk competition competitive competitive antagonist competitive binding assay competitive displacement Competitive Eating competitive exclusion competitive exclusion principle competitive identification competitive inhibition competitive inhibitor competitive-binding assay competitor DNA compiler complainant complaint complaints procedure complement complement abnormality complement alternative pathway complement assay complement binding assay complement C1q deficiency complement C3 Complement C3 and Complement C4 complement cascade complement chemotactic factor complement classic pathway complement control protein Complement Deficiencies complement deficiency complement factor I complement fixation complement inactivation complement pathways complement protein complement protein molecule complement reaction complement receptor complement S-protein ▼ Full browser ? ▲ complacence complacence complacencies complacencies complacency complacency complacency complacent complacent complacent Complacential complacently complacently complacently complain complain complain complain complain complain complain about Complain About Your Business Offender complain against complain frivolously Complain Of Complain Of complain publicly complain to Complain To Whom Complainable complainant complainants complainants complainants Complaince Complaince Complaince Complaince complained complained complained complained of complainer complainer complainer complainers complainers complaining complaining complaining complaining complaining complaining party Complaining Witness Complaining Witness complainingly complainingly complainings complains complains complains ▼ Facebook Share Twitter Google+ CITE Site: Follow: Facebook Twitter Google+ Rss Mail Share: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Mail Open / Close

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(5)   A complaint under the former regulation that is not disposed of before the coming into force of this Regulation shall be continued under and dealt with in accordance with this Regulation.

Repeal and Expiry


35    The Practice Review of Teachers Regulation (AR 4/99) is repealed.


36    For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on September 30, 2019.


Professional Conduct Requirements for Teachers

The conduct of a teacher, both on and off duty, bears directly on the community’s perception of the ability of teachers to fulfill their unique position of trust and influence. Society and the school community hold teachers to a high standard of conduct. Teachers are expected to conduct themselves with due regard to the honour, dignity, welfare, rights and best interests of students, parents, colleagues, their employer and the teaching profession.

These are minimum professional conduct requirements for teachers who are not subject to the Teaching Profession Act .  It is not an exhaustive list of requirements.

A teacher who is not subject to the Teaching Profession Act and who is alleged to have violated the standards of the profession, including these requirements, may be subject to a complaint of alleged unprofessional conduct under the Practice Review of Teachers Regulation .

1   In relation to students, the teacher is required

                                 (a)    to teach in a manner in keeping with

                                           (i)    the Teaching Quality Standard Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education in Alberta Ministerial Order (#016/97), as amended from time to time,

                                          (ii)    applicable legislation, and

                                         (iii)    the policies of Alberta Education,

                                 (b)    to teach in a manner that respects the dignity and rights of all persons and is considerate of their circumstances,

                                 (c)    not to divulge information received about a student in confidence or in the course of performing his or her professional duties except

                                           (i)    as required by law, or

                                          (ii)    where, in the teacher’s judgment, it would be in the best interests of the student to divulge the information,


                                 (d)    not to

                                           (i)    profit from

                                                 (A)    any learning activities of students in the school in which the teacher is employed, or

                                                  (B)    the sale of goods or services to students in the school in which the teacher is employed,


                                          (ii)    accept pay for tutoring students in the school in which the teacher is employed.

2   In relation to parents of students, the teacher is required

                                 (a)    to strive to establish a relationship of trust with parents,

                                 (b)    to provide parents with candid evaluations of their child’s progress,

                                 (c)    to treat information received from parents with discretion,

                                 (d)    to be respectful in communications with and about parents, and

                                 (e)    not to discuss other students except where the matters being discussed are relevant to their child and then only to the extent that, in the teacher’s judgment, is necessary.

3   In relation to colleagues, the teacher is required

                                 (a)    not to undermine the confidence of students in other teachers, including teachers to whom the Teaching Profession Act applies,

                                 (b)    not to criticize the professional competence or professional reputation of another teacher, including a teacher to whom the Teaching Profession Act applies, except

                                           (i)    in confidence to appropriate officials and after informing the other teacher of the criticism, or

                                          (ii)    in making a complaint about the unprofessional conduct of a teacher under section 9 of the Practice Review of Teachers Regulation or section 24 of the Teaching Profession Act ,


                                 (c)    not to take any steps to secure the discipline or dismissal of another teacher, including a teacher to whom the Teaching Profession Act applies, where the motivation of the teacher in taking the steps is the teacher’s personal advantage or animosity toward the other teacher.

4   In relation to the teacher’s employer, the teacher is required

                                 (a)    to respect the authority of the employer, the board and the members of the school administration,

                                 (b)    to express any concerns that the teacher has about the employer, the board, the members of the school administration or the operation of the school through appropriate channels as outlined in applicable policies,

                                 (c)    to protest through appropriate channels any administrative policies or practices that the teacher cannot in good conscience accept,

                                 (d)    to express his or her opinions and bring forward suggestions regarding the employer, the board, the members of the school administration or the operation of the school through appropriate channels and in an appropriate manner,

                                 (e)    to foster and maintain open and honest communication with the employer, the board and the members of the school administration,

                                  (f)    without limiting clauses (b) to (d), to be supportive of the employer, the board and members of the school administration,

                                 (g)    to fulfill the terms of his or her contract of employment, and

                                 (h)    to bring it to the attention of members of the school administration if the teacher is

                                           (i)    assigned duties that the teacher is not qualified to carry out, or

                                          (ii)    required to work in conditions that make it difficult for the teacher to teach.

5   In relation to the teaching profession, the teacher is required

                                 (a)    to conduct himself or herself in a manner that maintains the honour and dignity of the profession, and

                                 (b)    not to engage in activities that adversely affect the quality of the teacher’s professional service.

6   In relation to the school community as a whole, the teacher is required

                                 (a)    to conduct himself or herself in a manner that maintains the good reputation of the school,

                                 (b)    to be knowledgeable about and able to communicate accurately the philosophy, mission and policies of the school, and

                                 (c)    to conduct himself or herself in a manner that is respectful of the norms and values of the school community.

COMPLAINANT Women complain of 'theft' of toilets

The women filed the written complaint last week after they reportedly found out that the two toilets, proposed under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

11 May, 2017, 01.48PM IST Trump says Arab leaders complained about Qatar

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says that Middle Eastern leaders complained about the Gulf state of Qatar when he demanded an end to support for radical ideology that encourages terrorism.

6 Jun, 2017, 06.23PM IST Google Home users are complaining about glitches

The virtual assistant is spitting out errors instead of controlling smart home devices and a...

5 Jun, 2017, 03.42PM IST All News Videos Photos Kapil Sharma hospitalised after complaining of uneasiness 1 Jun, 2017, 10.10AM IST

The shooting for the episode had to be cancelled.

Vodafone complains to Trai on Jio's 'Summer Surprise' offer 11 Apr, 2017, 12.21PM IST

Jio said its statement issued last week had made it clear that the offer would be with drawn as soon as it is “operationally feasible“.

Sena ministers meet Devendra Fadnavis to complain of bias 1 Apr, 2017, 01.02AM IST

Sena nervousness stems from the fact that the BJP has been making rapid inroads in the state, as was reflected in the recent civic body polls.

It’s the turn of Pune techies to complain of ‘illegal’ layoffs 2 Jun, 2017, 08.24AM IST

Former employees of IT firms including Cognizant, Tech Mahindra and Wipro in Pune on Thursday filed separate petitions with the Maharashtra Commissioner of Labour against their former employers saying that their services have been terminated illegally.

Tax queries: Where should you complain for not getting Form16? 7 Jun, 2017, 11.35AM IST

If you have any evidence of tax deducted at source from the salary, then you can write to the Commissioner of Income Tax, TDS giving all the information.

Donald Trump says Arab leaders complained about Qatar 6 Jun, 2017, 06.49PM IST

On Monday, Saudi Arabia along with Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates cut ties with Qatar over its alleged support for extremists.

Kapil Mishra meets L-G with complains on medicine, ambulance 'scam' 29 May, 2017, 11.57PM IST

Reacting to the meeting, AAP's Delhi spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said the L-G never gives time for a meeting with Aam Aadmi Party MLAs, but Mishra got that.

Report: Troops complained about nude photo sharing last year 2 May, 2017, 01.34PM IST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Concern is growing across the military about inappropriate social media behavior by those in uniform. In April, sexually explicit photos of female and male Marines were discovered being shared on a secret Facebook page.

Leicester complains to FA over crowd behaviour at Millwall 21 Feb, 2017, 12.38PM IST

SOCCER-ENGLAND-LEI-CUP:Leicester complains to FA over crowd behaviour at Millwall

'Infosys techie had complained about guard to company' 31 Jan, 2017, 12.49AM IST

Rasila Raju OP, who hailed from Kozhikode district of Kerala, was allegedly strangulated with a computer cable by the guard, Bhaben Saikia, after she chided him for staring at her.

90 days paid leave for sexual harassment complainants at govt offices 6 Apr, 2017, 02.47PM IST

Jitendra Singh said leave up to a period of 90 days may be granted to an aggrieved female government servant during the pendency of inquiry under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

Four college students detained after Smriti Irani complained of being chased 1 Apr, 2017, 08.42PM IST

According to reports, the four detained students have been taken to Chanakyapuri police station.

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